How I Can Help! 

As someone who lives and breathes camp all year long, I bring a unique perspective to how you operate camp and train staff.  I pride myself in being able to develop a plan with you to identify the issue and helping you come up with a viable and lasting solution. 


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Did you have a difficult summer? Staff didn't buy in to your philosophy? Having communication issues with your leadership staff? 

Let's dig in together and find out the root causes of these (and many other) issues at camp so we can figure out how to fix them. 


Need to inject some new energy into your staff training? Here are some examples of what I've done for other camps to bring a new voice and perspective. Don't worry, I work with you to make sure the message I'm delivering matches with the mission you've been extolling all staff training:

  • 7 Leadership Essentials for Supervisors
  • The 7 "Be's" of Camp
  • Making Good Decisions (While Nobody's Watching)
  • Clear Communication at Camp
  • Running an Awesome Activity


If you are looking for a dynamic speaker who brings fresh ideas and research into a presentation, Professor Dave can be your go to keynote or session speaker.

Here are some examples I've done at conferences across the country: 

  • Why "Good Job" are the 2 Most Dangerous Words at Camp
  • Leadership Essentials
  • Creating a Culture of Giving at Your Camp
  • Developing True and Genuine Employee Engagement at Camp
  • And More...